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Spring Session 2024
Full Policies/Information

Sound Check is a non-auditioned community show choir in the Dayton area. There are 2 groups within Sound Check:

Frequency:  7th grade-Adult
Amplitude:  3rd-6th grade

The group will perform songs (with and without choreography) both together and separately for each performance.

Each year, there will be a Fall session (August-mid December) and a Spring session (January-early May). We sometimes hold a Summer Camp as well. Sound Check will have a mandatory concert each session. They will also perform at other venues (senior/assited living facilites, Dayton Dragons games, local festivals, holiday events, etc.). A new fee will be due every session. Each session will have a specific theme. At this time, auditions are not required to become a member of Sound Check.


Registration fees should be paid through the link at the bottom of the online registration form.

Registration forms should be submitted on our website under the show choir tab.  

~Early Bird Registration will be open from September 7 through October 1, 2023
                                      Registration Fee:   $210.00

~Regular Registration will be open from October 2 through November 26, 2023 

                                       Registration Fee:   $225.00

~Late Registration will be accepted from November 27, 2023 through January 5, 2024. 

*Your music order is not guaranteed by the first rehearsal if you enroll during the late registration period!!!

                                        Late Registration Fee:     $240.00

*Refunds after your initial enrollment will be 50% of the participation fee. 

Your participation fee must be paid in full to complete your registration - no exceptions.


We provide the shirt! The rest of your uniform is NOT included in the registration fee. 

You must purchase:

1. Long, ankle length black dance leggings/yoga pants - tight to the ankle, no designs/writing, no other colors

2. Black low-top Converse (or knock-offs - many options on Amazon!) with white soles and white laces. Socks should be low/no-show and black. 


Beginning in the Spring Session 2024, most rehearsals will be held from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays. They may get longer as the session progresses. We will take a few water/snack and bathroom breaks. Please make sure your child has eaten a decent meal before rehearsal starts. Our short snack breaks will not be long enough for your child to eat a full meal at rehearsal. Water is the only drink allowed in the studio. Please make sure students dress comfortably and wear appropriate shoes for dancing (no jeans, flip flops or bulky boots). 

Rehearsals will go by a set calendar and you will be responsible for attending on a regular basis if you wish to remain a part of the group. Rehearsals are usually on Saturdays, however there might be a few weekday evening rehearsals (Easter week & Dress Rehearsal).

Rehearsals take place at Viki Lynn's School of Dance located at 611 Spinning Rd, Riverside, OH 45431. 

Behavior:  We expect all group members to give us their best effort during each rehearsal. This means singing and dancing when they are asked to do so, giving their best effort at all times, maintaining a positive attitude and respecting both the directors and their fellow group members.

Family and friends are welcome to watch rehearsals through the windows in the waiting area. Only group members may come into the studio/dance area.

Resources such as practice backing tracks, individual part recordings and choreography notes/videos will be available on the website. We expect each member to practice at home on a regular basis so they are prepared for rehearsals and performances.

Inclement Weather:  If the weather is bad enough that we decide to cancel rehearsal, you will be notified by text through the Remind app, by email and on the Facebook group. We are not affiliated with a school system, so the decision is up to the directors. If we decide to have rehearsal as scheduled, but you make the decision not to come, it WILL count as an absence on your attendance record. 

You may only miss up to 5 rehearsals (20 hours) during the Spring Session 2024. You may not miss more than 2 rehearsals in a row. Partial absences will be documented. On average, rehearsals are 3-4 hours long, so once partial absences add up to 4 hours, it will count as a full absence. 

We will be lenient with absences in the case of family emergency or serious long-term illness/injury only. Vacations, sports, other extra-curriculars, parties, short-term illness, etc. are not considered excused absences. If y
ou have more than 5 unexcused absences, you will be dismissed from Sound Check for the remainder of the session without refund.


If you would happen to choose to withdraw yourself from the group, we ask that you let us know as early in the session as possible. The more rehearsals you attend before your withdrawal, the more difficult it is for the other group members and directors to adjust to new dance formations, vocal sections, etc. 

If enrolling in Sound Check and then withdrawing from the group after the start of the session happens on more than one occasion, you will not be permitted to join Sound Check again in the future.

-If you withdraw from the group within 1 month of the concert date, you will not be permitted to join in the future.

Our concert date for Spring Session 2024 is TBA. We might not have the date confirmed until late January/February 2024. The concert could be any day of the week. You must be willing to make the mandatory concert a priority in your schedule if you wish to be a part of Sound Check. If you miss the mandatory concert, your ability to register for future Sound Check sessions will be at the Director's discretion. We may book up to 2 more performances towards the end of the session as well.


We have been asked to sing the National Anthem at a Dayton Dragons game next season. All group members in Grades 6 and up are expected to participate. The date is Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 1:05 pm (Opening Weekend!)


In order to keep participation fees as low as possible, we must do fundraisers to cover the costs of rehearsal & performance venue rental fees, insurance, sound equipment purchase & rental, props, supplies, etc. Each group member will be required to participate in the fundraiser if they wish to be a part of Sound Check and perform with us at the end of the session. The Spring fundraiser is TBA. More info to come soon!

~Sound Check has been successful in the past largely due to a high level of individual responsibility and dedication. If your schedule prohibits you from attending rehearsals and performances and committing to practice at home, you should not join Sound Check Show Choir. Sound Check was created for performers who have the desire, energy, dedication and time to commit to each session. The directors and fellow choir members are counting on you to be practiced, prepared and present at rehearsals and performances. If you have questions concerning these policies, please contact the director, Sarah Eldred, prior to enrolling. Important updates will be sent by weekly email and listed on the website ( under the Spring Session 2024 tab.~

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